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If your thing is wine, ecology, research, diving, fishing, surfing or golf and you also like to enjoy beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, you must visit Ensenada, in the state of Baja California. Also known as "The Beautiful Cinderella of the Pacific", it is 130 kilometers south of Mexico's northern border with the United States, it has important trade routes that lead to: La Paz, Manzanillo and Mazatlan on a national scale, and internationally with: San Diego and Los Angeles; It also has access to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, which makes it a destination with a privileged location, it's also full of tourist attractions to enjoy. Look for car rental services in Ensenada and start touring this beautiful city with the tranquility and security of being the master of your routes and itineraries. Surprise yourself with "La Bufadora", the second highest marine geyser in the world, after Hawaii's; travel the wine route to the north of the city and observe the harvesting of the vines and olive trees unique to this part of the country; embark on the adventure of ecotourism and adventure tourism in Todos Santos Bay; admire the beauty of Hanson Lagoon; let yourself be captivated by the local culture of its historical museums; enjoy the beautiful view offered by the National Astronomical Observatory and learn more about nanosciences and nanotechnology. Enjoy the dreamy beaches and take advantage of car rental in Ensenada so you can get to know the hidden corners of this city. Learn more about what to do in Ensenada at:

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