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It is part of the Lagoon District and belongs to the state of Coahuila. Torreón is a very important destination for business tourism, since there are several industries, including agricultural, automotive, metallurgical and electrical, but it is also a city that offers unique tourist attractions. Visit the Railroad Museum, where you can admire a real steam locomotive. Another must-see is the Cristo de las Noas, considered the guardian of the city and located on the hill of the same name, not to mention the spectacular Teatro Isauro Martínez that always has a fun and interesting marquee, or the impressive Cultural Underground Corridor, which, as its name says, is an underground gallery. Don't forget to visit the beautiful Venustiano Carranza Forest, one of the lungs of the city, and take advantage of renting a car in Torreón to drive 65 kilometers east and see the Dunas de Bilbao, a spectacular and imposing place. If business is involved, Torreón has efficiently developed first-class facilities and infrastructure, capable of satisfying the most demanding needs for the organization of events, conventions and large conferences. Find excellent car rental services in Torreón, take advantage of the promotions you can find and drive to the venues that could host your next event, for example: the Centennial Coliseum, the Laguna Expo Center, the Arocena Museum, the University Cultural Center or the Spain Park of Torreón. Torreón opens its doors to those who visit it for pleasure, but also takes care of everything you need if you travel for business. Find more details about what to do in Torreón at:

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