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Ciudad de México

Covering an area of 1,485 square kilometers, it is the fifth most populated city in the world; Its population is estimated at more than 21 million people. This is Mexico City, capital of the Mexican Republic and if you travel for pleasure or for business, relax, because you will always find something to do in Mexico City. This great city occupies the second place among the cities with the most museums in the world; currently,170 are counted and the only ones of its 16 municipalities that do not offer this attraction are Iztacalco, Magdalena Contreras and Milpa Alta, but they compensate for it with significant enclosures, parks and some events that preserve the tradition and the neighborhood air of the past centuries, among which are: the Aztec Stadium, the Palace of Sports, Dinamos Woods, Railroad Park and the Molé Fair. Mexico City is also home to majestic buildings that have become a benchmark in terms of architecture and design, such as the Palace of Fine Arts, the Basurto Building-famous for having what some call "the most beautiful staircases in the City "-, the José Vasconcelos Library and, of course, the Palace of Chapultepec; not to mention the educational institution that has the greatest prestige in Ibero-America and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: The National Autonomous University of Mexico, Campus Ciudad Universitaria. To see it in all its splendor it's an excellent idea to rent a car in Mexico City. You can do so at transport terminals, through branches or online. Book your car rental in Mexico City now! If you want to know what to do in Mexico City, go to:

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