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León is a city located in the state of Guanajuato, and although it is known as the "world capital of footwear", due to the boom of its footwear and leather goods industries, León has much more to offer, so buckle up and get ready to experience the sublime union of historical nuances and modernity in one place. If you travel for business, León has all the necessary infrastructure for your work meetings and also to host conferences, exhibitions and high energy events. In addition to the footwear industry, this city is in vogue thanks to other sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, agroindustrial and pharmaceutical, to name a few. Look for a good car rental in León and close business with the tranquility and safety of traveling in the best conditions. If you travel for pleasure, León offers a very wonderful variety of places that will enrich your culture and expand your recreational experiences. For example, you can visit the Expiatory Temple located on Madero Street and admire its neo-Gothic style that owes nothing to the medieval architecture of European cathedrals. You can also enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which takes place around the month of November in the Metropolitan Park; or, visit the Sacred Museum where there is a very interesting collection of books, sculptures and oil paintings. Don't forget to check out the marquee of the María Grever Theater and see the house where Leon's important composer was born. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the best way to enjoy the city is by renting a car in León, choose the car that suits your needs and book now! Find out what to do in León, by visiting:

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