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Find out how the Mexican paradise of the 40's has evolved. Acapulco is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, its delicious cuisine, an ever increasing variety of ecotourism and its colorful and historical culture, but also for the glamor imbued to it by such great icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Debbie Reynolds, Rita Hayworth, John and Jackie Kennedy, among many other artists of different nationalities who left the legacy of vacationing in this beautiful bay. Discover how tradition and modernity merge. Take advantage of the benefits of car rental in Acapulco and tour it with friends or escape with your partner. The beautiful port of Acapulco has something for everyone, from paradisiacal beaches and peaceful lagoons, to interesting museums and theme parks, as well as great shows and a very active nightlife. Get a good car rental in Acapulco so you can enjoy your itinerary without pressure, on the routes that fit your preferences. In Acapulco, the pleasure starts from the time you drive the 26 kilometers that separate the airport from the tourist area. Choose from a wide variety of cars that best suit your needs and travel safely while the GPS takes you where you decide. Find more details about what to do in Acapulco, go to:

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