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A paradise on earth blessed with 36 beaches that you can enjoy in its nine bays; Huatulco is synonymous with beauty, adventure and a magic that connects you with nature in a unique way. Visit this beautiful destination and discover what to do in Huatulco by defining what you want to do, if it's rest and relaxation, enjoying water sports, sight-seeing in the area or all of the above. For example, if you're traveling with your family, Cacaluta Bay has an ideal beach for everyone to enjoy, it's called Arroyo and you can swim, play and have fun as a group. But what if you're traveling with friends? In the same bay, at the same beach, that is Cacaluta, you'll find waves that make different water sports a great option. Getting to know the nine bays that make up Huatulco isn't everything, you can also do other activities such as visiting the butterfly sanctuary or go camping and take a bike ride through the Copalitilla Waterfalls. In any case, we recommend renting a car in Huatulco to head to the market that is in La Crucecita and not only delight your palate with the exquisite local cuisine, but also, take home one of the handmade pieces that distinguish this beautiful municipality in the state of Oaxaca. Another excellent experience is to visit the Eco-Archaeological Park of Copalita and immerse yourself in the more than one thousand years of history that you can find there, as well as to admire some of the most beautiful panoramic views in Mexico. Ask the car rental executive in Huatulco how to get there and plan your route so that you also include the National Park or the Textile Center, where you can see how wool is dyed to make beautiful rugs in the waist looms so typical of Oaxaca. If you want more information about Huatulco, visit:

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