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The city of Puebla is the capital of the state with the same name and is also the birthplace of the most beautiful pottery, as well as a spectacular cuisine that includes cemites, chalupas, chiles en nogada, the famous poblano sweets and of course, molé, the dish that has contributed to the fame of the rich food of Puebla. Find an excellent car rental agency in Puebla and, admit it, this agency offers a wide variety of units, a great track record, clear usage policies, and very attractive promotions. Take advantage of your car rental in Puebla and drive to the Palafoxiana Library which has preserved its furniture, shelves and collections in their original state; then take a photograph of the tallest towers on the continent, visit the Cathedral and do not forget to enter the Chapel of the Rosary to see with your own eyes why it is considered the eighth wonder of the modern world. Puebla is also an extremely important destination for business tourism, not only because of its geographical location and its excellent access roads, but also because of its modern facilities for events of all levels and its optimal connectivity. Discover what to do in Puebla and click on:

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