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Find out why the historic center of the beautiful city of Queretaro has been declared a World Heritage Site. Explore the majesty of its many mansions, learn its fantastic legends, admire the beauty of its streets, visit its emblematic buildings and delight in the variety of tours and their uniqueness, among which you can find: the Wine Route and the Independence Route. We also recommend that you visit Peña de Bernal, get to know the Biosphere Reserve, or transport yourself to the past by entering the Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda. Find a car rental agency in Querétaro and take advantage of the unbeatable offers that will optimize your trip, just make sure you choose the right agency, the one that has a solid track record, a variety of cars for you to choose the one that best suits your preferences, as well as clear usage policies. Manage your itinerary and travel agenda by asking your expert car rental consultant in Querétaro for recommendations about which places to visit in this iconic city, which is also the site of famous events in Mexican history. There is so much to do in Querétaro, learn more by visiting:

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