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The oldest city on the Baja California Peninsula awaits you, Loreto, a beautiful and exclusive destination that has many stories to tell you. Get an excellent car rental in Loreto and get ready to discover it. Visit the Sierra de San Francisco, between Bahía de los Ángeles and Loreto and enter an amazing cavern that houses a collection of large cave paintings, estimated to be more than 1,500 years old. Go to the Juncalito to practice rappel, hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding; ask about the Bahia de Loreto National Park. Do not miss the majesty that this beautiful city houses under the surface; visit the Marine Park Bay of Loreto, there you will find a reserve declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Bronze yourself on its beautiful beaches, sail or cruise its coastal dunes and swamps; we recommend that you visit Coronado Island, Danzante Island, Montserrat Island and Catalan Island, where you can see gray whales, sea lions, lobsters, sea turtles, seagulls and pelicans, among other species worthy of admiration in their natural habitat. Another of the wonders that this unique city holds is in its architecture, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as is the case of the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto, which houses interesting relics inside, including a beautiful altarpiece of baroque churrigueresco style. Walk through its historic downtown and get to know the Main Square, drive to the Museum of Missions and take advantage of car rental in Loreto so that your travel route is safe and adjusts to the pace that you and your companions desire. Learn more about what to do in Loreto at:

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