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Los Mochis

Riding the only passenger train that currently exists in Mexico is something that should definitely be on your travel list. In the city of Los Mochis in Sinaloa you can board the "Chepe", and admire the natural beauty that the Sierra Tarahumara offers. Los Mochis is in the state of Sinaloa and in addition to the trip in "El Chepe", it has several very interesting attractions to see. For example, consider renting a car in Los Mochis and go to the Botanical Garden, where you will find a beautiful variety of plants and birds; drive to Cerro de la Memoria and meet the Guardian of Los Mochis; check out the marquee of the Ingenio Theater and after the show go through Zone 30, or go to one of the shopping centers and choose a restaurant, you will see that the city will amaze you with its delicious and very particular cuisine. Take advantage of car rental in Los Mochis and drive to the Port of Topolobampo or to the Maviri beach. If you travel for business, Los Mochis has everything to make your stay more than comfortable. And for the rest of activities, find out what to do in Los Mochis by visiting:

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