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The city of Tijuana is located in the state of Baja California. It is a safe destination and full of unique surprises that will leave you wanting to return. A few of them follow: Be amazed with the sculpture known as "La Mona", an emblematic and surreal giant woman that the artist Armando Muñoz García sculpted as part of his house. Take a picture with donkeys-zebra, a tradition that dates back to 1936 and consists of painting black stripes on burros with the purpose of distinguishing them in the photographs that, back then, were only black and white. Feed your aesthetic sense in the Anguiano Room with the collection of one of the great Mexican muralists: Manuel Anguiano, who embodied the contrasts of this interesting city in his work. Choose a car rental agency in Tijuana and visit Rosarito Beach or the boardwalk, where you can taste the typical cuisine and admire the urban art murals. Join the party and get to know the famous Avenida Revolución; take advantage of your car rental in Tijuana, go to Calle Benito Juárez and visit El Popo, the oldest market in the area. Tijuana is also the cradle of one of the most important wine routes nationwide, add one to your travel itinerary and see the vineyard of one of the most prestigious wine producing houses in the country. Learn more about what to do in Tijuana, by going to:

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