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Known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World", Manzanillo has much to offer its visitors, in terms of tourism and business trips. It's located in the state of Colima and is considered the largest port in Mexico in terms of its volume of container ships; from Manzanillo most of the products going to the interior of the Mexican Republic are imported and most of the exports are to the United States, Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Malaysia, Singapore and China. If you are traveling for business reasons, consider car rental in Manzanillo as an option, insuring your safety while traveling, enjoying the best conditions and the peace of mind knowing that your work schedule will adapt to your needs. If you travel for pleasure reasons, you should visit Playa de Oro and from there take a tour to Peña Blanca to admire the great variety of marine birds that are found there. If you prefer surfing, head to Cuyutlán beach and ride what the locals call "the green wave". Stroll through the downtown are and take a selfie in the famous sculpture "Pez Vela" or honor the nickname of this destination and embark on one of the tours to practice sport fishing. To make the most of your car rental in Manzanillo, you can drive to Jalisco and admire the cliffs route; Another option is to drive around the state and discover the magical towns waiting for you. Whatever the reason you travel to Manzanillo, don't forget to try the ceviche and the Michi broth, they are a local delicacy that will leave you very satisfied. If you want to know more about what to do in Manzanillo, go to:

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