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Get to know this beautiful city located between the Mezcalapa, Grijalva and Carrizal rivers, in the state of Tabasco. Choose a good car rental agency in Villahermosa so you can travel without pressure and at your own pace. You can start by driving to the Gaviotas neighborhood and go up to the Caballero viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the city. Afterwards, visit the History Museum and admire its collection. From there, drive slowly through what they call La Zona Luz so that you can admire the buildings with classic façades and take a walk to see the many little places that this part of the city is home to. When it is time to eat or snack, order "chanchamitos", they are tamales with achiote and they are paired with the classic drink of Villahermosa: "pozol", prepared with flour, sugar and corn. Optimize your car rental in Villahermosa to the maximum and include a walk by its beautiful lagoons in your route, where you'll also find different points like natural vistas that are perfect for photos and will allow you to keep an imperishable and beautiful memory of your visit to the beautiful city of Villahermosa. Discover what to do in Villahermosa at:

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