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This is one of the youngest cities in the Mexican Republic, founded in 1903 when it was known as the cotton capital. Now it is one of the most important centers of the fabrication industry at the national level and also a tourist destination that offers unrivaled experiences, both for national and international tourists. Fall in love with Mexicali while practicing Sandboarding, a sport that consists of surfing on sand dunes; let yourself be captivated by the Guadalupe Canyon, located in the Sierra Cucapah and take to the road to capture unforgettable images of the flora and fauna that you will find on the route, including cave paintings, waterfalls and hot springs. Decide when to leave and what route to take thanks to the car rental agency in Mexicali, just make sure you choose the agency that has the most experience, a great variety of cars to choose from, as well as offers and promotions that will allow you to optimize your visit to the maximum to this interesting city, which is also the capital of Baja California. And since you are creating your itinerary thanks to renting a car in Mexicali, we recommend you include a visit to the port of San Felipe, where the Sea of Cortez is; there, when the tide is low you can walk on the beach, but it will feel and seem like you are taking a walk on the sea itself. Mexicali also offers interesting options for those who enjoy golf, hunting, ecotourism, as well as mountain biking. Find out what to do in Mexicali at:

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