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The city of Guadalajara is located in the state of Jalisco and is the cradle of Mariachi, one of the national treasures that has acquired more international fame. It is an excellent destination, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. Enjoy the smell of wet earth, even when it's not raining! That's Guadalajara, also known as "La Perla de Occidente", "The City of Roses", "Guanatos" and "La Perla Tapatía". Guadalajara is the second largest city in the Mexican Republic and an important business center. It has a good number of venues which allow groups of up to 10,000 people to gather, and all of them have the infrastructure facilities, connectivity and technology required to work, study, meet or enjoy a show. The second largest book fair in the world is held in Guadalajara, surpassed only by the one that takes place in Germany. And if it's fun you're after, this destination has unique attractions, such as the legend of the vampire, which you can learn about if you visit the Belén Pantheon; it dates from the nineteenth century and is considered a National Architectural Treasure. There is also the Degollado Theater, where there are spectacular murals and the statue of the "Colossal Eagle", and you can't miss the Burton Club bar, in honor of the famous filmmaker Tim Burton. From any perspective, this beautiful city has a lot to discover and we recommended that you look for car rental services in Guadalajara so that you can get around without problems and in complete security. Another extraordinary option is to look for car rentals in Guadalajara on the Internet, so you can save with exclusive online promotions. Discover all about what to do in Guadalajara at:

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