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Monterrey is the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon and is considered a very important economic center within the Mexican Republic, both in the industrial and the service sector. It is a very important destination for the business sector and also offers a very interesting and unique variety of tourist attractions. With Cerro de la Silla as the backdrop, the city hosts experiences that you won't want to miss. Look for an excellent car rental in Monterrey, choose the unit you like and take advantage of the offers you can find. Drive to Fundidora Park and let yourself be captivated by its charms, with impressive sculptures and plazas, the Arts Center, unique areas for sports, and enjoy the cultural diversity that Monterrey offers. Maximize your car rental in Monterrey and drive to the Grottos de García, a gift of natural figures that have been formed over millennia. You can also plan your own ecotourism adventure in the Chipinque Park or take a boat ride along the Paseo de Santa Lucía. Get to know the Trade Lighthouse, the Cathedral, the Bishop's Palace and the beautiful Conarte Library. There is a lot to do in Monterrey and to discover it, we invite you to go to:

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