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Tampico is located in the state of Tamaulipas and is an ideal destination whether traveling for business or pleasure. Find a car rental agency in Tampico, start your engines and let yourself be enraptured by this unique city. From activities that take you out to admire and enjoy nature, such as bird watching, the release of turtles, water sports and the delight of spending a day at the beach, to unforgettable walks through downtown, its coastal boulevard, the lighthouse and, of course, a tour on the banks of the Pánuco River. Tampico opens its arms for you to enjoy your stay until the last minute. See the Virgin of Carmen who is considered the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, take note of the impeccable buildings that you will find in the historic center which are reminiscent of those in New Orleans, visit the Cathedral and fall in love with the impressive Carrara marble altar. Take advantage of your car rental in Tampico and drive to Playa Miramar, try the exquisite local food and savor the delicious seafood zarzuelas, the pickled sea bass and, of course, the famous tampiqueña meat. This is only a small part of everything you can find if you travel there, so, find out what to do in Tampico by going to:

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